About Meenyminy Wall art prints for the home and kids spaces.

Meenyminy’s graphic designed products are unique and original.

Predominantly monochrome, a range of our prints can be personalised and altered to suit your particular requirements. We specialize in home decor for children’s rooms.

We are constantly creating innovative designs that hit the mark and stay on trend with home decor products, partly through feedback from our loyal clients as well as inspiration from the everchanging world of home fashion……

We provide great products and excellent customer service with a very quick turnaround.

Meenyminy have the courage to shape a better future by using only ethically sourced materials, and where possible, employ people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We only outsource to companies that meet our social and environmental values, for example, we would never partner or engage with companies that use child labour – but then that’s probably obvious – we have kids too.

Here at Meenyminy we love what we do, and we love you too.

To find out about our wholesale options, please contact claire@meenyminy.com.au